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7 Good reasons to hire a GPS with your Rental Car

Not all that long ago driving in an unfamiliar town or city was a relatively stressful experience involving the art of being able to read and then refold road maps, pulling over regularly to check and re-check your location, or arguing with your travel companions as to how you managed to get lost yet again.Rental Car GPS

With arrival of affordable in-car GPS units, things have changed and the GPS has become a common accessory in many private, commercial and rental vehicle fleets around the world.

If you are not convinced about the benefits of a GPS or have never tried one before, here are some reasons why you should try one the next time you rent a car. If you have never used a GPS before don’t worry as modern GPS units are very easy to use. If you can use a basic model mobile phone then you should be able to use a GPS.

Here are 7 reasons to hire a GPS:

1. The cost to hire a GPS is a lot less than in the past. While some Rental Car companies still charge around $15.00 per day, there are a number of Rental Car Companies with prices starting at just $7.00 per day.

2. Studies have proven that becoming distracted at the wheel is a very common cause of accidents. The most important job when driving a vehicle is being aware of your environment and controlling your vehicle. The distraction of reading maps (especially at night) and getting lost is known to cause of accidents when drivers are unfamiliar with their surroundings.

3. Using a GPS to navigate is proven to lower the stress levels of drivers and make them feel safer and more confident.

4. GPS units are also proven to help reduce fuel costs over time as drivers tend to stop and start less often, make less turns, and travel less distance.

5. If you need to get somewhere as planned on time then a GPS will help you. Missing an important meeting or a flight due to taking the wrong route is less likely if you use a GPS.

6. Even if you are a regular visitor to a Town or City and know your basic route you should still think about hiring a GPS. All it takes is a major event, an accident, or heavy congestion for you to get stuck. With a GPS you get to ‘drive like a local’ and find a suitable alternative route.

7. If the person who usually navigates your trip hasn’t been doing a good job then fire them and hire a GPS next time!

So make your next driving holiday more enjoyable and relaxed by hiring a GPS with your Rental Car.

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