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Cricket World Cup 2015 likely to cause a rental car shortage in New Zealand

In February and March 2015, New Zealand along with Australia will host the ICC Cricket World Cup.

According to the official event website, it is expected that more than 1 million fans will attend matches throughout New Zealand & Australia with more than a billion people expected to view broadcast matches. There is no doubt about it, this will be one of the most followed sporting events in the world.The opening game is scheduled to be played in Christchurch on 14 February 2015, while the last match in New Zealand is likely to be a Semi Final in Auckland on 24 March 2015.

Traditionally February is a busy month for New Zealand rental car companies and other tourism operators, and this event is likely to make it even busier.

Our advice to anyone planning a trip to New Zealand in February or March 2015 would be to make your bookings for flights, accommodation, and rental cars as soon as possible. From our past experience it is likely that rental cars in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington may be fully booked come February. There is also likely to be a shortage of rental vehicles in Picton and Blenheim during this period.

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One Response to Cricket World Cup 2015 likely to cause a rental car shortage in New Zealand

  1. We can say from experience that this post is true. We have had a huge surge in rental bookings for that time of year. If you still need a car, we suggest you get in quick!

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