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How to save money on your Rental Car

There a number of ways to save money and get the lowest cost rental car depending on your individual needs and circumstances.

The key factors which are likely to have the greatest impact on the price you pay for a rental car include:

• Location where you collect the rental car
• Location where you return the rental car
• Whether you hire from an airport kiosk or use a company close to the airport
• Whether you use one of the large rental companies or a smaller rental car company
• The make, model, and age of the rental car
• The time of year that you rent a car
• How long you rent the car for
• What insurance options / level of risk you decide on
• Whether you are dealing directly with the rental car company or through an agent

In making these decisions you need to consider the reason for your trip and whether time and convenience is your priority, or whether price is your main concern. For example a business traveller visiting a city for a short period on a tight schedule is more likely to be happy to pay a premium amount to rent a car from an airport kiosk, while a tourist visiting for several weeks may be happy to travel to the rental car company in a shuttle bus to get the best price. Also the business traveller is more likely to request the latest model vehicle while the tourist isn’t as concerned with the vehicle make and model.

While each country and city is unique in its situation, our advice when looking to save money on rental cars is as follows:

• Avoid airport based rental car kiosks. There is a high cost to the companies which operate from these facilities which need to be passed on to customers. Find an off airport company that operates a shuttle bus service within a few kilometres from the airport.
• Check the rates offered by smaller 2nd tier rental car companies as they will often be a lot lower than the large companies.
• Be prepared to rent an older model or perhaps a smaller budget vehicle. You may also save money on fuel.
• Generally try to collect and return your rental car to and from the same location or else you may incur vehicle relocation fees.
• Get a quote for renting your car for a slightly longer period as this can sometimes mean a lower overall cost.
• Try to travel in the shoulder tourist season rather than peak season.
• Check your travel insurance options and policy regarding rental car insurance. You may not need to pay the rental car company for a lower excess or deductible as your policy may already provide adequate cover.
• Use your smartphone for maps rather than hiring a GPS.
• Check that you are dealing directly with the rental car company and not an agent as most agents will be collecting an agency fee. If in doubt ask.

In New Zealand Rental Cars New Zealand offers some of the most competitive rental car rates from the following locations:

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Blenheim Airport – Services Off Airport

Christchurch Airport – Off Airport Location

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