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Relax and enjoy the views from one of Auckland’s 50 Volcanoes

If you are planning a trip to Auckland and looking for things to do then make sure you visit the summit of Mt Eden. Located just 2km from the top of Queen Street in the CBD, Mt Eden is one of Auckland’s most prominent volcanic cones.

For those not familiar with the region, Auckland City is centred on a volcanic field of approximately 350 square km including more than 50 separate volcanoes. These volcanoes have formed and erupted over the last 250,000 years with the most recent eruption (Rangitoto) occurring just 600 years ago. This means that the Auckland volcanic area is relatively young and is regarded as an active area.

Mt Eden (or Maungawhau in Maori) is one of the most prominent and well known Auckland volcanoes. The views of Auckland City and the Waitemata Harbour from the summit of Mt Eden are as stunning and as spectacular as the volcanic cone itself. The main crater is almost symmetrical and drops a steeply by more than 50 metres to the bottom.

Getting to the 196 metre summit of Mt Eden is easy. You can drive to the top car park or enjoy a walk or even a run up the main roadway or on one of the walking tracks. Once at the top you will be amazed by the views so remember to take a camera.

If you are driving from Auckland Airport to the City or vice versa, choose a route which takes you along Mt Eden Road. Access to Mt Eden is on your right hand side heading towards the City near View Road.

Even if you are stopping over in Auckland for a short stay, organise a rental car for a day and make sure that you include a trip to Mt Eden (Maungawhau). There are few places in the world where you get to stare down the crater of a volcano.


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