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Travelling in New Zealand with Children?

If so you need to be aware of new laws for child restraints in vehicles.

If you are planning on renting a vehicle or driving with children after 1st November 2013 you need to be aware of the change in the law regarding child seats in cars.

From this date it will be compulsory for children to travel in an approved baby capsule, baby seat, or booster seat until the age of seven.

While it is ultimately the driver’s responsibility to make sure that this happens, Rental Car companies will have a responsibility to educate and enforce compliance where possible.

Rental Cars New Zealand carries a good range of approved baby and booster seats and other rental car accessories which are available at all our branches for hire with vehicle rentals. During the peak season period from November until April we recommend pre-booking child seats to avoid missing out.

For more information contact a Rental Cars New Zealand branch.

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