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Travelling to New Zealand this Summer? Make Sure You Book Your Rental Car!

Kiwi As Jandals imageWith just 100 days to go until Christmas, we would advise anyone thinking about booking a rental car in New Zealand this summer to do it soon.

New Zealand always experiences a large peak in international arrivals over the summer period as many overseas visitors prefer to visit the country at this time of year. Domestic travel also peaks in late December and early January as the summer school holidays commence around the 15th – 20th of December, and a large number of New Zealanders take annual leave. Another factor which adds to the visitor numbers during this period is the large number of ex-pat New Zealanders living in Australia who return to New Zealand to visit friends and family.

What does this mean for someone wanting to hire a rental car? For those who make their reservations well in advance, there is usually plenty of choice of rental vehicle makes and models. Getting closer to December the choice of vehicles is reduced, and for those arriving in December without a reservation finding a rental vehicle can be a real challenge.

Our advice to anyone visiting New Zealand and wanting a rental car anytime from late November until the end of March is to make a reservation in advance. Exploring New Zealand at you own pace with your own vehicle sure beats taking the bus!

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